State-Owned Enterprise

Vladimir NIKITIN

Head of Mogilev Branch

Objectives and functions of Mogilev Branch

Provision of air traffic management and air traffic control services

Provision of ground services, radio-engineering and technical support to flights performed within the area of responsibility

Activities of Mogilev Branch

The main activity of the branch is the provision of air navigation services and commercial services to transit aircraft and passengers and processing of cargo.

Mogilev airport also provides the following additional services:

- letting out of rooms and equipment,
- transport services, including transportation of fuel,
- storing and release of fuel,
- road transportation of passengers, etc.



Mogilev Branch of BELAERONAVIGATSIA Republican Unitary Air Navigation Services Enterprise


Postal address:

Airport, near the village of Lubnische, post office Knyazhitsy, Mogilev region, Mogilev, 213125, Republic of Belarus.



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Contact telephone numbers:

head of Mogilev Branch: (+375 222) 29-95-50;

reception: (+375 222) 29-95-01;

fax: (+375 222) 29-95-13, 29-95-51;

briefing: (+375 222) 29-95-09;

services: (+375 222) 29-95-21.


Working hours: 08.30 h to 16.30 h Monday to Friday, excluding public holydays. The branch may operate beyond the above-mentioned hours upon request.


The Head of the Branch receives visitors in his office on Thursdays from 15.00 to 16.30 h, or at another time and day in case of a preliminary appointment.